It was a simple Facebook post, but behind the message was so much more: 33 years of sobriety and a journey into recovery that was mentored by her father.

Lori McCarthy is the Executive Director and a partner at Herren Wellness. She is most likely one of the first people you will meet as you step on campus or you will speak to when you call the office. In addition to serving as Executive Director, Lori is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, a certified Arise Family Interventionist and is the co-chair of Hingham CARES Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.

Her journey has been remarkable, finding sobriety at an early age through the guidance of her father who introduced her to the gift of recovery. Along the way she raised four boys and was able to follow her passion for helping others and working with individuals and families facing the disease of addiction.

Herren Wellness Lori McCarthy Executive Director sobriety sober anniversary addiction treatment holistic
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The impact? Here are just a few of the words that jumped off the Facebook page. Words that show the power and light that sharing recovery can bring:

“So lucky to have you help blaze the way for so many.”

“You are an example of how recovery works and the happiness, success and good health it brings.”

“A hero, warrior, dedicated to recovery and determined to defeat addiction.”

“My journey started with you. So thankful for your journey.”

“A true example to the many people you help each and every day.”

Working in the field of substance use disorder for over 15 years, Lori has mentored and cared for thousands on their recovery journey. When asked what this sobriety anniversary meant to her, she shared her thoughts.

33 years – How does that sound, feel to you? Did any of the Facebook comments catch you off guard or bring a smile to your face?

There has been a lot of “Life” in those 33 years. Immense joy and “life on life’s terms” that I was able to move through with recovery as my foundation. I would truly not be in this place if my father did not share his love of recovery and walk with me through my journey. All of the facebook comments caught me off guard and brought a smile to my face. All of them…truly grateful for each and every one.

What advice would you share with a guest at Herren Wellness who is just starting on their recovery journey?

It is important to remember that your journey to recovery is not a straight line. Hang on, be grateful, be proud of your recovery and share it with others. Take time to embrace and learn the power of recovery. One day turns into years.

Why is Herren Wellness different from other treatment programs? What makes Herren Wellness so special?

At Herren Wellness we embrace all aspects of recovery and approach healing with a holistic and self-discovery approach. We treat the whole person and develop individual recovery plans that are unique to each guest and their journey. The team, starting with Chris and Heather Herren, openly share their recovery with everyone who steps onto our campus and understands the struggle as an individual seeking help and as a family member in the process of finding treatment for a loved one. We are a family, and the connection continues when guests leave to restart their lives in recovery.

Just curious – how many years of sobriety are in the Front Office at Herren Wellness?

Wow – let me think…78 years amongst the three of us (and that’s not even the team outside of the front office). Truly amazing to be able to share my recovery with others as Executive Director of Herren Wellness and work with people around me that not only walk with me, but who I learn from each and every day.

Herren Wellness Lori McCarthy Executive Director sobriety anniversary recovery addiction treatment
Lori McCarthy Chris Heather Herren wellness sobriety anniversary addiction recovery treatment

Herren Wellness Treats the Whole Person

At Herren Wellness we believe every aspect of a person’s life factors into treatment. We guide guests through a process of self-discovery, helping them uncover why they are turning to unhealthy behaviors or substances, and give them the sustainable tools they need to live healthy, whole, authentic, and substance-free lives. We work with guests to create a whole-health action management plan, allowing them to discover and explore many opportunities in recovery.

Sobriety Anniversaries at Herren Wellness

Recovery celebrations are also part of the Herren Wellness community. Our team hosts weekly groups for guests and welcome back alumni to celebrate each milestone of their recovery journey.

When you come to Herren Wellness, you become part of a vibrant and thriving community that doesn’t end when your stay ends. You become part of the Herren Wellness family.

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