Recovery podcasts can be an important tool in supporting your recovery, helping you reinforce your commitment to wellness, sobriety and personal growth. Recovery podcasts are most often hosted by individuals who have walked the path of recovery themselves, and who can offer invaluable insights, testimonials, and strategies that can help listeners navigate the many facets of the recovery journey.

Here are some podcast recommendations on wellness, addiction, recovery and how to be the best version of yourself for your summer vacation or anytime during the year.

Recovery Rocks

Recovery Rocks is an uplifting podcast from Lisa Smith and Tawny Lara. One is “a rock and roll-roving Gen X lawyer in 12-step recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs” and the other is “an equally rock-obsessed Millennial writer who found addiction recovery through blogging”.

They’re both in recovery and the topics they cover range from relationships to social media to LGBTQ+ concerns, all through the lens of the recovery experience. With nearly 200 episodes packed full of insights, advice, and experiences, there is something here for everyone.

Busy Living Sober

Busy Living Sober is a podcast hosted by Elizabeth Chance, a woman in recovery who has been a Certified Life and Recovery Coach for over a decade. Elizabeth has “been married, had three children, gotten divorced, gotten sober, gotten remarried, launched children, and is now an empty nester”.

Her mission is to “bring addiction out of the shadows and educate society that addiction is a disease, not who you are.”

She posts new content every Tuesday and Thursday and her podcasts include powerful interviews as well as her personal musings and lessons learned in recovery.

The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast hosted by Rich Roll, a person in long-term recovery, vegan ultra-endurance athlete, wellness advocate, public speaker and author, inspires people worldwide through thought-provoking interviews to transform their lives and be the best version of themselves.

Each week Rich welcomes guests from health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality to share their journeys and all things wellness in deep life-changing conversations with the goal of inspiring change and uncovering authentic self.

Our founder, Chris Herren, join Rich in episode #794 for a deep conversation on addiction, sobriety and service. It was a conversation that Chris will not soon forget.

This is one of the most powerful conversations on the subject of addiction and redemption I’ve been honored to host in the eleven year history of this show.” – Rich Roll Listen Here.

That Sober Guy

Producer and host of That Sober Guy Shane Ramer tells it like it is — engaging and to-the-point. Since 2014, this podcast has been dedicated to helping men quit drinking and find purpose with the motto “freedom from alcohol starts with you”.

With over 400 episodes of compelling content to choose from, That Sober Guy has “helped thousands of men stay alcohol free and become better fathers, husbands, friends, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their community”.

Shane is in recovery after a 17-year “odyssey” with alcohol and drug addiction. He began this podcast within a year of getting sober and since then has amassed a huge inventory of content. His guests are from all walks of life, from everyday people to well-known names, who share their stories and struggles with substances. That Sober Guy Podcast also devotes some episodes to fielding listeners’ questions.

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast is a “one stop shop for women who want to change their relationship with alcohol”. Episodes include honest conversations about mental health, self-development, wellness and spirituality and how they influence your recovery journey. Their mission is to “provide tools, guidance and motivation to help you navigate and propel your personal growth”.

The podcast stems from the real-life journey of Jessica Jeboult, who emerged from a 10-year battle with addiction to help others fight the fight. On A Sober Girls Guide Podcast, Jesse shares “her experiences along the way to complete and utter sobriety”, including health and fitness, relationships, dating, and even sober sex. It featured celebrities, sober experts, and offers a humorous and modern approach to recovery

This Naked Mind

Hosted by bestselling author, Annie Grace, This Naked Mind Podcast explores lives of people who have made the decision to live life without alcohol. Featuring real, honest and open stories, Annie welcomes guests to share their recovery journeys and the freedom found without alcohol in their life.

In Episode 463, Chris Herren joined Annie to discuss the first day. “Often we talk about the worst days of addiction, but Chris explains why discussing the impacts of day one can help us truly understand the progression of alcohol addiction overtime.” Listen Here.

The Bubble Hour and Tiny Bubbles

The Bubble Hour a podcast hosted by recovery author and blogger, Jean McCarthy. The title of the podcast references the “Bubble” we use to stay safe and happy in sobriety – as in “what do you put in your bubble to help you stay sober?” – and emphasizes surrounding yourself with things and people who bring you joy, laughter and comfort.

The Bubble Hour began 10 years ago, and was started by three sober women who wanted everyone to be able to hear inspiring stories of people who have overcome addiction and are now thriving in recovery. Podcast topics range from interviews, to people sharing their recovery story, to experts in the field of addiction.

The Bubble Hour concluded recording new podcasts in 2022, however all 10 years are available for listening. Jean went on to create the podcast “Tiny Bubbles”, a weekly-ish podcast that lasts just 15 minutes but packs that time with inspiring messages meant to boost sobriety. Featuring insights, information, and interview clips from The Bubble Hour, Tiny Bubbles is perfect when you need a quick boost or bit of inspiration.

The Benefits of Listening to Recovery Podcasts

Recovery podcasts are a continuous source of encouragement, presenting real-life stories of triumphs and setbacks, reminding listeners that they are not alone in their struggles. The diverse range of topics covered, from dealing with triggers and preventing relapse to rebuilding relationships and finding purpose, ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of where they are in their recovery process.

Furthermore, the accessibility of podcasts makes them an especially powerful tool. Whether on a morning commute, during a workout, or in moments of solitude, individuals in recovery can easily plug into a community of support and wisdom. Hearing others articulate their experiences often helps listeners process their own emotions and challenges, and the tips and resources shared can equip them with new tools to face each day with resilience.

In moments of vulnerability, when temptations may feel overwhelming, having a recovery podcast at one’s fingertips can act as a lifeline, offering immediate solace and guidance. As a result, these podcasts not only foster personal growth but also fortify the listener’s commitment to a life free from addiction.

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