Celebrating the Fourth of July Sober

The Fourth of July is around the corner and Barbecues, block parties, pool parties, and community events are all on deck to celebrate this patriotic holiday.  These events also tend to include alcohol and other substances that can put recovery in a compromising position.

Whether this is your first fourth of July in sobriety or one of many, we have ideas to help you get through the holiday sober and also enjoy yourself!

Choose Plans Wisely

Especially if you are new to recovery, taking an honest inventory of your plans is a good idea.  Whether or not there will be substances at the event, if people from the past will be in attendance who aren’t good influences. Seeking out activities that are more family friendly or sticking with sober friends is a positive decision for your recovery.   

Host a Sober Event

Hosting an event puts you in the driver seat, and you can create a sober get together!  While the fourth of July can revolve around alcohol, it also revolves around delicious food.  Seek out fun recipes to try and invite sober friends, or friends who are ok not bringing alcohol to the occasion.   Being around friends, family, and sober friends is an important distraction from thinking about using substances, so hosting is a great option.     

Attend a 12 Step Meeting/Convention/or Party 

AA/NA, SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery usually have all day “alcathons” or conventions that you can attend all day or at any point during the holiday.  Starting the day with a meeting is also a good idea to get the recovery motivation needed to get through the day sober.  In the rooms it is emphasized that it is a “we” program and this is especially true on holidays like the fourth of July, together we get through it sober.

Schedule Activities

Make sure your day has fun and beneficial activities scheduled around your well-being and connection.  Pencil in your favorite exercise to start the day before you head to a meeting.  Getting some exercise will release endorphins that will help you remain calm and balanced during an atypical day.  Movie theaters are open for the fourth of July oftentimes with Summer Blockbuster movies to see.  Local restaurants will likely have some special menus for the holiday, so if you don’t feel like cooking and don’t have a barbecue to attend, grab a sober friend and head to a local spot.  

Go to Public Park/Beach to Watch Fireworks

Each town/city has different plans for fireworks.  Near our Herren Wellness Jacob Hill Location one of the largest shows in the country happens in Boston on the Charles River Esplanade.  At our Warrenton, VA location just 40 miles away in DC you can attend the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives fireworks show and parade.  Attending these amazing shows is exciting and a great distraction to get through the night… and even better to share the special moment with sober friends! 

Remember Your Why

At Herren Wellness we believe in discovering your “why” and what led you to use substances.  Everyone has their own individual reasons or “why” that led them to recovery.  Hold onto it tight and keep this in the forefront of your mind to help you get through alcohol and substance fueled holidays like the fourth of July.

At Herren Wellness we believe in the freedom of a life in recovery.  The Fourth of July is about celebrating freedom for our country, and it can also be a day where you celebrate freedom from substance use disorder. 

We wish you a Happy, safe, and sober Fourth of July.       

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