At Herren Wellness guests work with a Life Coach who to craft and implement a meaningful, sustainable wellness and recovery plan that fits with their individual strengths, goals, interests, and family situation.

Many guests and family members have questions about early recovery and how the Herren Wellness personalized wellness plans work to achieve a fulfilling and sustainable life built around health, wellness, and recovery – both at Herren Wellness and beyond.

How important is a community or support network? How do I help my family member find a new community of friends for support?

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The most essential component of a healthy and sustainable recovery is community. Support groups and resources are available to everyone, including family members and loved ones. You can find support groups near you at Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Herren Wellness Alumni groups, and you can also search for nearby recovery networking events. Family members can access Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Learn to Cope, Family Restored, and the Herren Project online support groups.

You can view a full listing of resources and support groups at and/or your local government agency.

When I am faced with difficult situations or am in the presence of drugs or alcohol after I leave treatment what should I do?

There are many ways to answer this question depending on each situation, but at a basic level if you know you are going to be in the presence of substances it’s vital to reach out to your recovery support network and talk about what is going on before you attend any event or situation where substances may be present.

Protecting your recovery is the number one priority, and to do that planning in advance is essential. Talk with your support community about possible triggers, potential obstacles, and make a plan for what you will do if you get uncomfortable or think you may pick up. Bring your own transportation or have a ride lined up so you can remove yourself if needed. Bringing a sober or supportive friend with you is also a good idea, so you have another person with you who lives the same healthy lifestyle you do, can help hold you accountable, and who understands how you feel.

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How do I begin to heal relationships with my family?

At Herren Wellness, guests work with their Life Coach to examine and repair family relationships as appropriate. The first step is always honesty and personal accountability. Nurturing the willingness to repair damaged relationships and the desire to heal is key. Family members also can seek support, education, and advice from our Family Support Specialists to ensure they are getting the help and healing they need.

When guests and family members actively participate in the healing process and seek recovery support through groups, treatment, and community, it creates a strong foundation for aftercare and the overall recovery process

What are the suggestions on things to do or how to get past the 2-3-day sober mark?

First of all, be proud of yourself! You are making a choice to heal and build a life centered around recovery and wellness. The most important thing to do early in recovery is to surround yourself with a healthy and sober community as much as you can. There are support groups full of people who have walked the path you are on and can provide compassion, advice, and community to help you through the feelings of anxiety and restlessness that are normal in early recovery. When you attend support group meetings raise your hand and introduce yourself as someone who is new to recovery. This can be hard to do, but it’s worth it. Everyone there has been new at one point, and they understand how you feel.

It’s also important to reach out to a medical professional for advice on physical symptoms that could require medical attention. Medical professionals know how to safely manage symptoms and allow you to get through those first days more comfortably.

Stay busy and immerse yourself within your support community. Get phone numbers and call people for support when you need it. Check in with another person in recovery every day. Socialize with people who are also on a path of wellness and recovery; isolation is dangerous in these early days, so ask for support and stay close to people who understand.

In the age of COVID-19 when groups aren’t physically meeting there are several online resources you can use to stay connected.

What helps in early recovery to calm my urges and impulses to use a substance?

Reach out to another person in recovery to help calm urges and impulses. Talking about how you feel is one of the most powerful tools you have to minimize anxiety and reduce the chances the urge will overpower you.

Distracting yourself with healthy activities is also extremely helpful. Take a walk, be creative with art or music, do yoga, a spin class, workout, and/or use guided meditation to reset your thoughts and build the habit of responding to impulses with healthy coping mechanisms.

Stick to a routine. Unstructured time and/or boredom are precarious in early recovery, so staying busy is important. Get up every day at the same time and be sure you get enough sleep. Eat healthy meals on a regular routine as well. Share in support groups about how you are doing and ask for support when you need it. Staying connected to your support community builds accountability and reduces urges over time.

What is involved in creating a wellness plan? How are they customized to each person’s recovery journey?

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Guests’ wellness plans begin immediately upon their arrival at Herren Wellness. The first step is an assessment to gather the information needed to create a personalized plan based on each individual’s needs. This is key because everyone is different and needs a personalized plan for their unique needs.

We explore physical health, nutritional health, intellectual curiosity, employment/education situation(s), emotional health, relationships, values, spirituality, community support, substance use history, and more to be sure we understand the relationships, situations, and habits and can build a plan based off personal goals and strengths.

The wellness plan identifies and outlines unhealthy habits, behaviors, and thoughts that lead to negative emotions and maladaptive coping mechanisms which can create destructive behaviors.


Throughout their stay, guests continue to learn and develop new coping skills and adapt to changes that support a healthy recovery at Herren Wellness and beyond.

Do you recommend a recovery coach after leaving treatment?

Yes! A recovery coach provides essential added support every day and understands every aspect of your life. A coach helps you navigate the challenges of early recovery, and can guide you towards support groups that help you immerse yourself into healthy recovery communities.

Recovery coaches also work with family members to continue the healing work you began while in treatment. A recovery coach knows how to facilitate healthy communication, set attainable goals, and build a life that revolves around your unique wellness and recovery plan.

About Herren Wellness

When you come to Herren Wellness, you are immediately connected with a thriving community of people at all stages of their recovery journey. We introduce healthy habits and routines centered around emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that provide a solid foundation for rediscovering your interests, experiencing joy in sobriety, and building structure and routine.

We provide several alumni support communities, including a weekly recovery support group, monthly alumni meeting, and online alumni community you can access anytime. Your connection to Herren Wellness doesn’t end when your stay ends; we are there for you throughout your recovery journey.

If you, or a loved one, are looking for help, please call us at (844) 443-7736, email us at, or fill out a contact form. You are not alone.