Today, March 5th, 2020 marks the 2nd Anniversary of Herren Wellness. As we celebrate this milestone, we turn our focus to the family and invite you to meet the husbands, wives, moms, and dads who have been part of the Herren Wellness family program over the past two years.

Family involvement is an important part of our approach, and we encourage loved ones to be engaged and involved in the recovery process so that they too can do the work needed to heal and grow together as a family.

“We flew up here March 5, 2018, the day that Herren Wellness opened, and I left my son and hoped and prayed that he would stay, but I had such peace because I knew how inspirational Chris was to him and they made a connection that saved my son’s life.”

~ Deborah D.

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“I am forever grateful to Heather, Chris, Aliza, Lori, and everyone at Herren Wellness. We will always be a part of this beautiful community. My wife smiles with her eyes, watch for it because it is beautiful. Her eyes tell you everything. She works every day to reflect happiness and gratitude within her recovery. I don’t know what life holds for us, the grey, the preciousness of it. These words will never carry the weight of my gratitude but as a wise person once said, it is important to hear the wonderful work you do. My experience with Herren Wellness provided me an even deeper meaning to the word, beautiful. It is a word that I have always used to describe my wife, but it is now what I know our life will be going forward.”

~ Jen R.

“Family would be the one word I would use to describe our experience at Herren Wellness. We were welcomed with open arms when we first came here. We continue to be. The communication between the staff here at Herren and our family is open, honest and frequent.”

~ Caleb T.

“The year before coming to Herren Wellness was full of stress and anxiety that we were trying to manage. I had two young kids and a wife that was gravely ill and could not stop drinking. Day one we were supported by the Herren Wellness community and her wellness plan was built around what would make her recovery successful.  The best decision I have made was the day I reached out to Herren Wellness asking for help. From that moment on our lives have changed.”

~ Robert C.

“More than anything I am grateful and thankful because we have gotten our lives back. My wife is back to being the old version of herself that she was prior to coming to Herren Wellness. Since my wife has left, she continues to meet with her life coach, we come back on the weekends and I have made as many friends here as my wife has. You are always welcome back at Herren Wellness.”

~ Mark M.

“The gratitude I feel for Herren Wellness is unexplainable. When we came to Herren Wellness I learned addiction was a disease and through talking with Heather, Lori, Chris and everyone who was helping my wife with her addiction, I learned so much. I began to understand what she was going through and learned about the tools that she was given to recover. Recovery for my family has far exceeded where I thought we would be today. To have my wife, my kids and myself all in the same house…Herren Wellness has given my family so much hope.”

~ John H.

“In Katie’s journey and our family’s journey there have been multiple treatments, detoxes, sober living facilities all with pretty much the same 28 days maybe 45 days of sober living with not a lot of support…we realized the traditional treatment that Katie was seeking was not getting to the root of her issues and substance use disorder. When we came upon Herren Wellness, we learned that they treat the whole individual which is what we felt was missing in her recovery.”

~ Ann T.

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When you come to Herren Wellness, you become part of our family both during your stay and beyond. If you, or a loved one, are looking for help, please call us at (844) 443-7736, email us at, or fill out a contact form. You are not alone.